We've done it - thanks to you!!!!  

NHTP is about to celebrate our 30th anniversary in our permanent home at the West End Studio Theatre on Islington Street in Portsmouth.   By December 1, 2017, we needed to raise $10,000 to purchase dimmers, lighting instruments, a new lightboard, and cable.  And we've done it!!  Donations ranging from $5 to $1,000 came from current and former board members, current and alumni Youth Repertory Company families, NHTP artists, fans and friends.  Bravo and thank you!!!

Along with lighting our MainStage and Youth productions, this new equipment will be used to train interns who wish to learn the art of behind-the-scenes theatrical production. Lighting is one of the key dramatic elements in theatre, heightening emotions and creating enticing nuances that deepen audience connection to the material.  Known for both original work and re-interpretations of classics, NHTP's evocative lighting designs are an essential aspect of all our productions.  Help us out with additional technical needs, including maintenance and repair, by donating today!

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