NHTP Tech Troupe

Sep 19, 2018 to Apr 14, 2019


Ages 12-18
Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30 pm, or by individual arrangement
Dates:  Exact dates TBD
Fee:  $75/hour private coaching, group sessions TBD
Director: Meghann Beauchamp

NHTP’s technical internship program gives interested students the opportunity to learn about all backstage areas of theatre, including lighting, set and costume design, stage management, directing and business administration.  Group and individual coaching available.  Options include more formalized individual mentorship program, focused around specific youth or Main Stage productions.  As NHTP technical students advance, they often move into full internships and/or paid positions.  

Participation in the NHTP Tech Troupe requires an interview with both student and parent(s).  Contact NHTP for more information!

NHTP Skills Focus - Tech Troupe

  • Critical thinking & creative play

  • Self-advocacy & personal responsibility

  • Leadership & taking initiative

  • Commitment & self-discipline

  • Life skills applicable to work, education & interpersonal relationships

  • Acting skills: physical, vocal, script analysis, production

  • Technical skills: directing, stage management, administration, marketing, lighting, sound & costume design

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